About our company


Plastservis, a joint stock company with headquarters in Zlín, Identification number 00542512, was established on June 12, 1990 through the signing of an establishment plan. On June 13, 1990 it was entered into the Commercial Register kept with the Regional Commercial Court in Brno, Section B, Inset No. Sa 46.

 The company primarily carries out its activities in the following areas:

a) Production of adhesives for the footwear and haberdashery industries, as well as for other sectors.
VýrobaActivities are carried out in the newly modernized production premises in the Svit – Rybníky complex. The production is focused on a wide assortment of solvent-based and water- dispersion adhesives. The product range has recently been expanded as the result of a licensing agreement with the German company Kömmerling, adding special types of primers intended for improvement of adhesion on surfaces that adhere with difficulty, cross-linking agents, hot-melt adhesives and other chemical agents.

b) Products for construction chemistry
This field includes silicon sealants and acrylate sealants, as well as polyurethane sealing and insulating foams and adhesives for the building industry. Along with the sale of these products we provide complete consultancy and information services.

c) Working environment analysis laboratory
VýrobaThe laboratory has long-term experience with the measurement and evaluation of working environments for various production types, particularly in the shoemaking, tanning, plastic, rubber, machinery and wood-processing industries. It provides these services for manufacturing corporations or engineering organizations either on a contractual basis, or on an ordering basis, within the scope of the relevant legislative standards.
In 2002 the laboratory successfully completed the accreditation process at the Czech Accreditation Institute (CAI), and obtained the accreditation certificate in accordance with CSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards.

Quality system
The re-certification of our quality system in accordance with the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 standards was carried out in the first quarter of 2010. This certification provides assurance to our customers that their supplier – Plastservis Inc. pays special attention to the quality of its raw materials and manufactured products. The certificate is valid until February 25, 2013. (Certificate CZ, Certificate EN).

The currently valid extract from the Registry of Companies can be found (here)